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These are the two organizations that we work with to provide virtual english lessons


We Teach holds a longtime partnership with Fundação Alessandro Zarzur in memory of the old-paulean upon who the charity is built upon. FAZ seeks to improve the lives of children in Real Parque by providing them with learning opportunities with a focus on sports engagement, and, through We Teach, we aim to also engage their linguistic skills by contributing to the NGO's objective of developing their education.  

We Teach has donated textbooks, whiteboards and other learning equipment to FAZ, as well as holding drives for major holidays such as Christmas and Easter.  

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We Teach originated in 2017 by originally giving lessons to Barra do Una pupils. Since then, Pauleans have been giving them virtual lessons from São Paulo and holding periodic trips to donate textbooks and meet their students in-person. With our partnership, we have taught several pupils and extended our project to their families as well.  

Barra do Una
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