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Established in 2017, We Teach is a project created by St. Paul's school students aiming to teach English to children of under-privileged communities in order to open doors to them through education. We provide weekly, virtual one-on-one lessons designed by our teachers to their long-time students. Currently, we have over 40 teachers giving lessons to approximately 100 pupils in Barra do Una, and at Fundação Alessandro Zarzur (FAZ), a São Paulo based NGO.  

Our teachers learn about education and teaching English using an English Second Language CELTA guidance provided by St. Pauls' trained ESL teachers. Pauleans also provide advice and tips to each other and work to adapt to their students' needs, ensuring that the lessons are simultaneously beneficial fun.  

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We Teach provides personalized learning with one teacher per pupil. We give virtual, weekly 1 hour lessons according to each child's availability and pace.

We also use virtual textbooks and interactive games within our lessons.  

How We Teach

Our Syllabus

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